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Born Willie Fryson III on April 5th, 1997 in Baltimore, Maryland. Fryson, aka, "Will Got The Juice" is a recognized social media success for catchy rap lyrics and creative dance moves. Teaching himself to rap and dance from age 3, has made him an exceptional performer. Discovered at age 9 by a local music management company while living in Philadelphia after being introduced by a mutual friend. Fryson relocated to York, PA at age 12 to network with the music industry and was founded by a Baltimore music management company.

By age 14, Fryson was maximizing his talent as a musical entrepreneur by producing music video and songs for local artist in his community. Capturing audiences in metropolitan areas throughout the east coast, by age 16 Fryson's popularity on social media fan club on twitter, instagram began to explode. By age 17 he was recognized as being vine, twitter and instagram famous. Transcending into a social media phenomenon in 2012 for his style of rap and dance, Fryson gain wide spread success. Known for his non-violent and lyrically free of profanity raps, profound dance moves and his sweetheart charisma for the ladies. Fryson's performances lead him to pursue industry leads and develop his live performance level. He enjoys developing his talent alone is his room and was inspired by such musical artists as LL Cool J, Will Smith and Michael Jackson.



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