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WHAT!!!! A combination of production singing, rapping writing engineering & full on producing in all areas these three gentlemen get it done. What!!!! Is what it means because that's what u will say when you hear their music you will be like "what". Head honcho Micheal Michaelangelo Saulsberry the glue to the group aka the Super Producer with a track record to match brought together his two double didget in years friends Oscar Ofoesho Roberts & Les Law Whitaker. They collabed on a few records and realized that the synergy that they always had should be put into an album and put out. Les aka Law from Brooklyn Ny is a wonderful singer/songwriter he brings a smooth Michael Jackson type feel to the group with his amazing harmonies & incredible concepts he gives the group that extra push to be great. Oscar aka Ofoesho is the other side of law the hip hop version these two led by Michaelangelo make a terrible trio to recon with so don't even try just give in and enjoy. All u will ever get from these three gentlemen is fun enjoyable & more importantly you'll get the truth in music no lies no false mission. True stories from true Men of God far from perfect but here to bring back the music.




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  1. Loosing you
  2. Side Show
  3. WE Be Riding
  4. Your Sexy
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