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On March 1, 1988 Johnny Phillip Thomas Jr. also known to many as "Phil" was born to Vanessa and Johnny Thomas. He grew up in a musically inclined family, some sang and some played instruments. Being surrounded by family that loves music influenced him at the age of 8 to start playing the drums at church. With Phil and his cousins CJ, Maurice and Miguel switching up on the drums, his brother Tony and Cousin Nakia on Bass, and his brother Tony also on Piano, his cousin Cole choreographed their performances for church on Sunday. From that point on his passion for music continued.

From middle school at J.E.J. Moore to Jr. High at N.B. Clements he took music classes. Once in Jr. High he started in the YDC Marching band, which consisted of family and friends. That progressed to playing with different colleges such as Virginia State and Norfolk state. The YDC Marching Band even got to march along with them during parades.

While attending high school at Prince George High School and still participating in the marching band he took music appreciation classes. At the age of 16 he decided to make his own beats after he and one of his friends were playing around listening to different beats. From there it became his new found love and passion. In 2006 his cousin Larry gave him the nickname"Phil da Produca". While in high school his beats were getting recognized from being played in his music appreciation class and at the local basketball games.

Once he graduated his beats went from being locally known to being known throughout the tri-city area. From there he met up with different people from different studios to collaborate with. In 2008 a friend who studied it in school introduced him to engineering. Progressing from that point on he started to network more and selling his beats. From 2010 to current people continue to persuade and influence him to pursue a career in making his hobby his career. Now at the age of 24 with a positive support system of family and friends he continues to focus on his beats and to make it his career.