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CEO and Head of Grindhouse Muzic Group

Ofoesho is an accomplished writer, rapper, and entertainer. He grew up writing music in Los Angeles and performed with many great musicians and producers along the way. After spending his youth in Los Angeles and taking all opportunities for acting and writing music, Ofoesho began his life of fatherhood with a daughter and a son.

On March 6th, 2000 he lost his precious 18-month old son Baby O, which changed his life. Ofoesho turned his pain into music and wrote the song "Baby O", which has been an inspiration to many parents who have lost a child. He has since had another son, Joelle. As he wrote "you never know what you've got til it's gone" in a song, he takes time each and every day to appreciate his family and his children as he shares his heart with Joelle and daughter Arriyonna.

He has also paid his dues in the music industry, collaborating with current hip-hop artists such as L'il Wayne, T-Pain, Ben-B, and Shawty Lo, just to name a few. Other artists and producers that Ofoesho has worked with include Ice Cube, L.L. Cool J., Battlekat, Michel Angelo Saulsberry, Teddy Riley, Desmond"Big Dez" Mapp, Reedog, Brandon Knowles (a.k.a. Chubbz, Lewis E. Taylor III), Gordon Blackwell (a.k.a. G-Black), Mike Epps, Lil Zane, Shorty Mac, Lamont Bentley, Marcua"MP" Paulk, Raz B, LiI J, Ricky Romance, Jon Doe, Mya, Dirty Rat, Sean Young, Gucci Mane and Mark Sparkx.

Ofoesho was given his distinctive name by the many artists and friends who were testimony to his dependability, reliability, and eagerness in sharing his talents within the industry. When asked to share his gifts, he said "O, foe sho!"

Ofoesho rose to prominence with the popular Houston hip hop group OUTLANDIZH, featuring Big Dez, Tae Game, and Lo Key, all from Texas. In 2008, he then joined the ATLANTA Hip Hop scene, collaborating with many up and coming young rappers as well as producing much of his own music in the studio. While fine-tuning his current solo project "TRUE STORY...the end of a thug," Ofoesho was hit with more adversity. His Atlanta apartment burned to the ground, with his music hard drive in the middle of the devastation! Ofoesho would start from ground Zero!

Being the born optimist that he is, he would not let a fire stop him. He just had more obstacles to face in order to conquer his dream of sharing his music. After picking up the ashes of his devastating fire and the memories of his melodies in his heart, Ofoesho left Atlanta. Upon returning to Los Angeles in March of 2009, the artist returned to the studio and collaborated with his former veteran music partners, producers, and musicians to add another volume of new tunes to his collection.

Ofoesho was recently cast in two upcoming feature films. LOVE LETTERS IN THE SAND will be shot in Philadelphia and FALASHAS will be shot in Puerto Rico. Coming Soon...



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  1. Too Hott feat. Dez Dynamic
  2. Tell Me What U Want
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  1. Wheels Fall Off
  2. Shotgun
  3. Where U Are
  4. Dreams
  5. O'foesho
  6. The Mobb
  7. Heaven's Girl
  8. So Fresh
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