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Mack Simmy previously stage named as Mil Sims was born & partially raised in Norristown, Pa where he spent his childhood & then moved to Pottstown, Pa during his early teen years. Shortly after starting his freshman year at Pottstown High School Sims started writing raps in class in place of taking notes. His buzz quickly spread through the local area. Releasing music on the internet & in the streets almost daily his grind was like no other. By the 2008 summer Mack was proclaimed as one of the hottest MC's in the Pottstown area. He performed his first single "I Got Goons" Prod. By Kelz Bangaz for the first time at the age of 15. He worked on his craft continuously for about a year before he went to Glen Mills Schools for almost 12 months from 2009-2010. Where he also was apart of the 2012 graduating class.

Upon release he was one of many original artist to help form 610 Music & was the front running artist of the independent label for almost two years. Simmy got right to recording of his first mixtape he put together previously at Glen Mills entitled "Fwd: Fortune". The mixtape was released late May of 2011. Not even a few weeks after it's release Sims opened up for MMG Hip Hop Artist Meek Mill at Club Rumors in Reading, Pa with an unfamiliar face Dev Dinero. Shortly after him & Dinero linked up they branched out & started their own music group called "#Surfgang" with one more local artist named B-Nasty. The three started recording a compilation mixtape entitled "Surfgang Vol. 1". Surfgang built up a lot of buzz in the 610 during late 2011 early 2012. During this time Simmy was working hard at perfecting his craft while working on his sophomore tape called "The Rewind". During this time fans started to realize he had his flows & hooks down packed straying away from just bars. He had gained the most views & buzz than ever before with this release & knew the direction he wanted his career to head in. After the entire Surfgang went their separate ways (at the time) Mil Sims went solo & changed his name to Mack Simmy. They went separate ways for many reasons from B-Nasty going to jail to members not really seeing eye to eye like once before. "Mack" stemming from his late uncle Rasul Watson aka Mack was one of the only men Sims looked up to growing up. One of the greater reasons was for his ambition with his ability to Draw pictures & portraits. He also use to sit down with his beat machine & teach him how it worked & what it was used for as well as freestyle rapped to the beats his uncle Mack made. He always told him he could be whatever it is he wanted to be in life. So "Mack" is a symbol of his Uncle's artistry to live on. "Simmy" a name given to him by local Pottstownians represents is upbringing in his area. Fall of 2012 Mack Simmy came up with his "No Stops" vision. No Stops simply meaning never stop dreaming. Through all the things you go through in life always stay dedicated to catching up to your dreams. It's more than an album title it's more of a mentality for everyday reality. The goal is for everyone to pick up this mentality & use it in there everyday vocabulary. We all have dreams but not everyone follows through with achieving them. "Say less, Do More" is also a hand & hand mentality of his. Just reminding his fans to stay humble & work harder before stopping to brag or leading someone on to a sold dream. Simply stating seeing is believing.

Mack Simmy is now working on his first album entitled "No Stops", as well as doing shows, networking with marketing agents & releasing music for promotion. He has also team up with a few of his closest homies to start their management team for promotion & planning known as "BOE MGMT" short for Business Over Everything Management. Be sure to check Mack Simmy's new single "Once Was Kings" on & follow him on twitter @MackSimmy. Thanks for taking your valuable time out of your day to learn a little more about Mack Simmy.



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