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Music producer/ Recording engineer Kevin 'Lucci' Alston from Myrtle Beach, SC, has been producing music for 10 years. He has a passion for exciting chord progressions and rhythmic drums to keep the listener entertained and the artist inspired. Specializing in all types of genre, Lucci has mastered his craft for hip hop, R∓B, pop trap music and crack music as well as other genres to keep his enormous appetite for music satisfied.

Lucci's way into the music industry was nothing short of a miracle. Sending tracks to a producer of one of his favorite artist Skitzofrenyc of Camron's & Vado's new group The U.N. He took a liking to his unique sound and decided to give him a chance at his dreams. Within a week he had his first placement with Camron then another, as time went on Skitzo asked Lucci to join his production team, Dolla Bill dz, and he accepted. Skitzo then introduced him to O'foesho which also took a liking to the hard working producer's unique yle and work ethic. This gave the producer even more determination and motivation to want more.

He has worked with artists such as Camron and Freekey Zekey of Dipset / Diplomat Records as well as Rich Dolarz, Grams 4 Sale, and O'foesho. Lucci has also worked with Chel Hill with and (a charity that helps terminally ill children thru the gift of music.)

Lucci is currently working on tracks for industry and indie artist albums and mixtapes, so be ready for a lot of surprises from this extraordinary producer. Major Harris, a well known VA artist and VP of Fo' Reel Entertainment, also took a liking to Lucci's music and decided to give Lucci the chance of a life time.

Lucci's story as a music producer is just getting started, so as the chapters unfold the story is just going to get much greater.