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LAW, as he is known, has had the gift of music since he was 5 years old. LAW began singing and writing every chance he could. Born in the South Bronx, New York LAWS earlier aspirations were Sly and theThe Family Stone, Stevie Wonder, and his idol the King of pop Michael Jackson.

LAW began recording professionally at the tender age of 16 while still performing in New York with a live band - Sweetwaters, to Nells, the Music Expos, to the infamous New York CBGBs. As a result of his hard work, LAW landed his first record deal at the tender age of 17 but because of internal political record business, LAW was not released. That didn't stop him. LAW would still put his incredible voice and writing skills to good use. He would go on to co-write and co-produce the two smash hits from Mantronix, of which Bryce from the group Groove Theory was part of, called "Got to have your love", and "Take your time". Both tunes have LAWs incredible melodic vocals.

LAW would continue to lend his vocals and writing expertise to such artists as El Debarge, who recorded a song that LAW wrote, and co-produced with Commissioner Gordon - who also produced for such artists as KRS-one (who LAW also did backgrounds for) and Lauryn Hill, called "You comfort me". LAW has also done backgrounds for the Group ZHANE'S, hit "Vibe".

LAW would land his next record deal with T.N.O. Entertainment, a Los Angeles based record company, owned by Mr. Prince TEODORE ENGUMAH. LAW paired vocals with then BAD BOYS own, FAITH EVANS. He would then co-write in that period for other artists. LAW co-wrote and co-produced his next project with " MICHAEL ANGELO". The hit making producer from the platinum group "PORTRAIT". Michael angelo produced such artists as, "FAITH EVANS", "SNOOP DOG", "SHANICE WILSON", "JON B", "EL DEBARGE", just to name a few.
LAWS voice has transcended to other countries such as, japan, spain, Singapore, London, Australia, where his gift of song is adored by many, who appreciate his sound. LAW continues to challenge himself by always pushing the musical envelope to see just how far he can go. LAW continues to harness his writing skills. The genius that is LAW, rests in his willingness to break from traditional formula, and constantly push himself. LAW can flip the method of the moment with undeniable swagger…..and bold music.


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