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Singer/Songwriter Devin Michael is making a lane of his own, on his journey to the top. Possesing a name that means poet and artist, Devin Michael's voice is his canvas and the words he writes read like a harmony giving his name the power it deserves. Although he has a quiet, reserved demeanor, his vocal might garners the attention making people want to hear him sing.

Born and raised in the metropolitan area of Portland Oregon, now residing in the music mecca of the south- Atlanta Georgia, Devin Michael made his first appearance in church at the age of two. His father, the choir director, stood him up on a table so the church could see him sing; from then on he knew he wanted to be an entertainer.

Devin's journey onto a long road of trials within pursuing his God given gift have prepared him to take a strong hold on the music industry. As a writer he's worked with various artists and producers, including DJ Toomp (T.I. Kanye West) WrighTrax(Big Sean, Rick Ross), Craig King(Aaliyah), Al Sween(Akon, Young Jeezy), Fresh B(New Boyz) Boi1da(Drake, Kanye West) , and many more; All while having his songs played in the television show Degrassi, 8 song placements throughout the Girls Gone Wild dvd series and on radio.

He gives credit to his parents and whole family for always supporting him in making his craft stronger and working harder at attaining his goals and dreams. Devin Michael prides himself on bringing something new to the table that hasn't been done before, "I call what I do, as an artist and writer, a sound called 'urban pop' songs that anyone and everyone can feel, no matter the race, gender, sexuality...anything. Good time music you can feel!"

Devin Michael's sound comes from his many influences; "I draw from many different sounds, from pop, to gospel, to rock, to country, to of course; r&b...I'm a huge Brandy fan, her sound inspires me a lot, and there are many others. I'm thankful for the music I've been introduced too, because its helped to shape the artist that I am."

Recently releasing his first project, L.O.V.E.(Letting Out Various Emotions) and first single "Diamond", Devin Michael is also cooking up records for various new and established artists, for the world to enjoy for years to come. With steady direction and determination, Devin Michael shares his objectives; "My plan is to bring something fresh and new to the table. I want to be that artist that people look to for inspiration, and for great music for years to come. You may not know me too well right now...but just wait..I promise, you're gonna know me!!".


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