Grindhouse Muzic Group

Grindhouse features a collection of breaking artists and top-notch producers including Oscar 'Ofoesho' Roberts, Lucci, Phil and Universal.

The Grindhouse concept started off as a reality show idea between Ofoesho and his godbrother Desmond "Big Dez" Mapp in their home recording studio in North Hollywood CA. Big Dez is an accomplished singer/songwriter/producer with roots in Master P's R&B group Sonz of Funk & his infamous production company. Dez has millions of record sales under his belt but has been through previous ups and downs in the biz. Ofoesho, also a singer/songwriter/producer, had struggled to find his true break in the business until the development of Grindhouse Muzic Group finally brought the attention he deserves.

One day they were on the road filming their lives as a group, "OUTLANDIZH", and the idea of Grindhouse came into play like a bright light in their heads. They immediately began cultivating the name and building a team. Ofoesho, with his gift of gab and super talent, and Big Dez, with his crazy production skills and knowledge of the game combined with O's cousin Sean Young (producer/singer/song writer) and made the rounds from LA to Houston to Atlanta building a name for themselves and making connections along the way.

Eventually, Ofoesho decided to move Grindhouse to Philadelphia and really hit the streets from a different perspective in search of great talent and a new inspiration. At the same time, Ofoesho reconnected with Sean Young and his cousin Lucci of Certified Hits and suddenly it was nothing but hits.

Keep your eye on Grindhouse Muzic Group because the hits just keep on coming and the vibe keeps on growing.